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Brian Tracy once said~ "If you don't want to be in the top 10% of your field, what that tells you is that you're in the wrong field, and that you're in terrible danger of wasting your life." And I could not agree more, so I am living a Diligence Movement lifestyle, in order not to waste my life, lol.

Hello, my name is Frankie Hess, aka Diligence, and I thank you for stopping in. My current goal for this site is to share a simple translation of my long term vision, and how it is being expressed today. After going through tough times and starting over from scraps a few years ago, the Diligence Movement concept is growing from my sustained commitment to becoming the father I always imagined as a child, and a dedication to being available to teach my children how to live the life of their dreams. 


Stemming from  a desire for balanced physical fitness, many years of experience on a skateboard as a child, a lifetime obsession with music, and over 13 years of melting glass, Diligence Movement is centered around my top 3 passions. And its purpose is to inspire Happiness.


 Diligence Glass   ~   Empowering Glassblowers Courageously             

 Diligence Records ~  Empowering Diligence Movement Peacefully         

 Diligence PeakLife ~ Empowering Athletes Lovingly


      Values....  Integrity ~ Optimism ~ Order ~ Teamwork ~ Learning ~ Creativity ~ Persistence ~ Flexibility ~ Results

 My plan is to grow Diligence Movement Mermorial into the first training studio, and when the time is ripe, to continue expanding into more Diligence Movement studios in order to progress in my passions with others who share them. With a lot to do, Diligence Glass is currently my main focus for generating revenue, through selling my (soon to be others as well) hand crafted glass and teaching glassblowing fundamentals. Diligence Records is where I paint the Diligence Movement vision through affirmation in my music, work on branding to promote my glass and sponsors, and am preparing for video production in the future. Diligence PeakLife is how I condition the unification of my body, mind and heart, in order to be the person who can create this vision through ease and grace.

The Mermorial studio name was originated by my friend Kevin, and is in honor of a friend of ours who passed. A friend whose memory has a profound impact in my life, and many others. He had a way of helping a person see the potential in themselves, and his belief in me still inspires me today. Thank You Mer, I hope I am making you proud my friend. 



Diligence Glass Vision

Diligence Glass vision is to gather and cultivate a team that specializes in making borosilicate hand blown glass, teaches glassblowing fundamentals and distributes quality hand blown glass. Providing the space, materials, and tools for our team to grow and learn as individual artists, we nurture long term relationships, always look for the win-win and sticking to our values no matter what. Utilizing our Red Blue Green solutions we simplify and streamline process, increasing moral, and expanding our ability to better serve our customers. We give true value with Integrity, smile and laugh, and thrive in our goal orientated team atmosphere.

Diligence Glass is built to last, through the good times and the bad.